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Your Peace of Mind Returns with Your Next Call

Digerini™ is the first application to screen and manage your mobile call security with a unique combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other advanced Machine Learning algorithms deployed as a personalized virtual assistant.

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A Silent and Secure Phone

Digerini screens each unknown incoming call to determine if you want the call at the moment. Say goodbye to annoying unwanted calls and voicemails. Rest assured, any calls from your contact list won't be screened.

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Personalized Virtual Assistant

Digerini features a personalized virtual assistant that can talk to the unknown caller on your behalf and help you decide if the call is safe for you to answer. Over time, Digerini will learn from your feedback to better meet your needs, just like a real assistant!

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Advanced NLP Algorithms

Digerini takes advantage of the cutting-edge NLP research to deliver a next-generation voice assistant experience. As scam calls are becoming more sophiscated, we stay ahead to protect you.

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See how our community uses Digerini™ to make life better!

Digerini™ can offer parents more peace of mind when deciding whether their children should have mobile phones. They need the ability to monitor at least some of their teen’s electronic activity. Young people are vulnerable to online predators and cyber-bullying, both of which are growing at an alarming rate. The ease of blocking a number and the ability to review the end-of-day call report helps parents understand who is trying to contact their children. Another benefit of having Digerini™ silence unwanted calls and text messages is that it can ensure that the phone itself won’t be a distraction while driving. Digerini™ offers a way for parents to add an extra layer of safety to their children’s digital experience.

Digerini™ can help protect the independence of seniors while boosting their protection from mobile phone scams. These kinds of phone scams are the most commonly used scams against the elderly and can wipe out a person’s entire life savings in a matter of minutes. While other call screening services simply forward the scammers to voicemail, where they can still threaten or confuse the person on the other end of the line, Digerini™ can prevent that call or message from ever being heard by an unsuspecting senior. Digerini’s intuitive design ensures that seniors can set up this protection and include other family members or caregivers to help monitor their privacy.

Busy professionals and executives find it very hard to be productive when they are constantly interrupted by their phones. Even a two-second interruption in order to see who is calling can disrupt concentration, slow down productivity, and increase errors while performing a task. They are often forced to silence everything, which results in missed connections with clients. Digerini™ solves this problem by allowing work calls to continue through while hanging up and blocking the potential scam or unwanted calls. This allows reports to be finished or emails to be responded to without the frustration of being interrupted. Digerini™ gives control back to those that need it in their daily schedules.

Like executives, the productive time of students needs to be protected. When unwanted calls interrupt homework or assignments, the pull of social media and other apps can turn into an even longer-lasting distraction. Simply going into “do not disturb” isn’t always an option either as mobile phones often double as an extra research device. During class, students are able to focus more without their phones vibrating unnecessarily in their pockets. When concentration is ruined while learning new concepts, it severely diminishes the ability to retain the new information being taught. Digerini™ is the perfect student companion to ensure that they are able to be successful in class.

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