Digerini™ is the first application to screen and manage both your mobile calls and text messages with a unique combination of Natural Language Process (NLP) andMachine Learning (ML) deployed as a virtual assistant. Our application screens each incoming call (text) and determines if they are safe for you to engage with. Then the virtual assistant will direct the call to the phone, to voice mail or will block the number and hang up. Our users can opt in for immediate notifications of blocked calls with the audio recording and text transcript of the conversation between the virtual assistant and the caller available for review. The notifications and the end of day blocked call report provide the user an opportunity to review the decisions made by the virtual assistant. This enables the virtual assistant to continuously learn from the individual user’s feedback and thus increases its accuracy and providing a more customized personal experience. The result for the user is a silent phone and superior security for you and your loved ones, where no call is allowed through unless you want it.